ARCs and New Release Date

The stork delivered me a beautiful set of twins last week. Behold, two Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS!

I've had a couple of acquaintances congratulate me on the book coming out and asking where they can buy a copy, so maybe I should've been a little bit clearer (oops), but the release date is actually in October! (More on that in a sec.) 

ARCs are uncorrected proofs of what will eventually become the finished novel, but it still needs to go through a couple more rounds of editing (called "pass pages") to pick up on any sneaky grammatical mistakes and funky formatting before it's actually finished. Thus there will be things in the ARCs that won't be in the final version, and things in the final version that won't be in the ARCs. 

Still, ARCs go out to reviewers and book bloggers and Bookstagrammers and real people will really read it and it's very nearly almost like an actual book so it's still HELLA EXCITING. So exciting, in fact, that I had to put my two copies away in a box where I couldn't see them for a few days because they made me so nervous.

Now, the new release date. Originally, OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS was slated for a September 6 release, but a VERY EXCITING THING HAPPENED - Target in the US ordered the book, which is apparently kind of a big deal because they don't usually take many debuts (!). So, to better fit in with Target's planogram (great word), OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS will now be released on October 4. 

Can't wait to visit Target in the US to sneakily sign copies before I'm escorted away by security!